International prayer conference





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Kiev, Ukraine
Apr 29-30


April 30 - May 1, 2021
Dive into the Father’s fiery love
Experience the heavenly reality in the midst of vanity
Discover a new thirst for God
Find renewal in His love
Set ourselves apart for Him
Get lost in Him
Together let's...
Prayer and intercession for the personal spiritual breakthrough and revival in our countries
Prophetic worship & praise in the power and freedom of the Holy Spirit

Inspirational word from renowned speakers from Israel, USA, Mozambique, Brasil and Ukraine
Speakers 2021
The worship leader at International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC); songwriter.
The purpose of Asher's ministry is to restore the Biblical calling for Israel and the Church
He holds non-stop 24/7 prayer watch to pray for Israel and hosts prayer conferences "All Nations Convocations"
Through the work of the Holy Spirit, her music impacts thousands of people and draws them closer to God
The founder and leader of Revive Israel, head of Tikkun International
The founder and leader of Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations (JHOPFAN), Israel
More than 1 million people came to know God through Heidi's ministry largely due to the miracles of healing
PhD, missionary and the CEO of the international ministry Iris Global.
Asher Intrater
Misty Edwards
Tom Hess
Heidi Baker
Ana Paula Valadão
Ana Paula was nominated for awards in various categories in the 38th GMA Dove Awards and was named one of the 100 most important Brazilians of all time
Pastor, singer-songwriter and worship leader of the praise band "Diante do Trono" ("Before the Trone")
Senior Rabbi of Kyiv Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC)
The main trends of his ministry – restoration of God's fullness and unity in the Body of the Messiah
Boris Grisenko
Sid Roth
He is sure that God's supernatural manifestations and miracles point out to the coming of the End Times. Also, Sid Roth is the author of "They Thought for Themselves", " Truth Seekers" and other books.
The TV host of the popular talk show "It is supernatural!"
Attendance is free of charge. Our desire is to provide everyone willing with an opportunity to attend.
Please, consider supporting our project.
We believe God will bless you in a very special way.

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Я пришел на этот ретрит,
чтобы провести время с
Иисусом. А славить Господа
с евреями - потрясающе!
Сергей Шидловский
основатель "Движения искателей
Heidy Beker
I felt a tremendous shift in the atmosphere when all of us together corporately focused on the Lord and welcomed the Holy Spirit. You can feel the Precence of God.
It is the largest messianic conference ever anywhere.
Asher Intrater
The Holy spirit came as a wave sweeping everything on its way – loneliness, rejection. It’s been amazing!
Michail Shorb
Truely God immerssed us, immersed thouthands of His children in the see of His tangable love.

Boris Grisenko
Here we encounter the love of our Father. It provides God with an opportunity to love those he loves with my arms, my eyes, and my heart.
Amazing atmosphere of God’s love in its various manifestations. The Spirit of God leads us deeper still in this love.

Ретрит - это время подумать,
время моего внутреннего
исцеления, время моей
близости в Богом, время,
когда я могу побыть с Ним.
Анна Ефимова
Киев, Украина
Это - радость, свобода, единство
в Духе Святом. Это - единство с
Богом и Друг с другом.
Дмитрий Поляк
Киев, Украина
My thigh was broken. There were splinters and the bone was misaligned. I couldn't walk at all for 3 years. I believed and I doubted at the same time. But today I started walking! It``'s a miracle!
The Lord has broken down the barriers in my heart. The Father’s love is boundless, priceless and perfect; it doesn’t have to be deserved.
One of my ears was partly deaf and God healed me during the sermon!
It was difficult for me to receive the love of the Heavenly Father. I don’t have a physical father. Here I experienced this love! He renewed me! I going home with my heart healed.
How do I attend the conference online?
The conference will be held online.
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Do I need to pay to attend?

You don’t need to pay to attend. It’s free of charge.
Our desire is that everyone willing to attend could join this event.
All the organizational and broadcasting expenses are covered by the host. You’re welcome to support our project in any way you can. To give.

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What language will the conference be held in?
Interpretation into English, Spanish and French will be available.
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